Culture and Values

    We are in the process of transforming our organisation to enable us to do even more to deliver sustainable results and be competitive while creating value for our customers and other stakeholders.

    In Aalborg Portland we believe in individual performance within teams supported by our distinctive values. Combined with a strong professional profile, employees must strive to support the realisation of our values through their everyday behaviour.

    Grow with passion for effectiveness

    - We appreciate efficiency because it is profitable. Both because hard work helps us cement our position as market leader, but also because well-planned and well-executed projects means more freedom when the workday is over.

    Integrated diversity

    - We support and respect each other because we know that we are strong when we do so. Our organization consists of many local units and by accommodating differences our global cooperation becomes an unbreakable chain of strong competences.

    Act concrete simplicity

    - We do not think there is any reason to reinvent the wheel every time. For us, the right solution might easily be the simplest. And once we get hold of it, we focus on turning visions into growth.

    Rigorous flexibility

    - We follow common processes and share best practices. But we never forget that our customers' experience is essential to our survival and growth. Therefore, we understand that we sometimes may need to backbend to bridge to be able to provide a tunnel.

    Accountability for the future

    - We are proud of running a business, which enjoys both international recognition and local respect. We give room for initiative and for taking responsibility for the future. Because we know that people who believe in what they do, produce the best results.



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