Aalborg Portland complies fully with legislation and other regulations in the countries and communities where it operates. However, the Group has not adopted policies for all areas covered by the concept of social responsibility.

    With an ambitious climate strategy and an ongoing and active development programme we are committed to participating in efforts to achieve society's climate goals. The responsibility is global. 

    Since 1889 the Group has been an inseparable part of the local business community in Aalborg and Northern Jutland. Through the years thousands of families in Northern Jutland have developed strong bonds with the company and its business partners as employees or relatives of employees. We thus holds a significant position in the local community, and this also implies a social responsibility.

    Building a close and self-sustainable relationship with local communities has also been the approach in the new markets where we are present. For instance in China and in Malaysia where many initiatives have been promoted with the municipalities, citizens' associations, schools and universities to strengthen the link between Aalborg Portland's success and the wealth and the social prosperity of local key stakeholders.

    The way in which the Group translates its goals into results by means of actions is clarified in our company reports.



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