Aalborg Portland develops, produces and markets a wide range of cement, concrete, granite and gravel products.

    We supply essential products that contribute to the continued development of society worldwide. When metros, bridges and tunnels are built, we are involved. When paving stones are need for gardens and kerbstones for roads, we supply them. And when industrial parks, skate parks and zoo parks are on the agenda, we also play a part.

    We produce and supply innovative solutions to customers who will not compromise on quality or service. We not only supply the best materials. We also supply expert knowledge to ensure optimal solutions.

    Every day architects, engineers and manufacturers are searching for new potential applications and together with customers, Aalborg Portland's employees and partners are continuously challenging the potential of cement and concrete.Their common aim is to develop sustainable, durable and attractive buildings.

    Focus on innovation and sustainability

    Our ongoing innovation involves all aspects of the product life cycle - from sustainable use of raw materials and CO2 neutral fuels to energy efficient production and use of concrete in building.

    We conduct high-level research to improve existing products and develop new ones that match customer needs. We optimise our processes and product quality and we create environmental and energy improvements, for example by replacing fossil fuels with alternative sources (biomass and industrial waste).

    The most widely used construction material

    Cement, concrete and other cement-based materials are the world's most widely used construction materials, and global consumption is growing steadily.

    Our ambition is to continue shaping the future for our customers and develop sustainable products that bring lasting value both for customers, our employees, our shareholders and society.

    Aalborg Portland in brief

    We produce grey cement in Denmark and white cement in Denmark, USA, Egypt, Malaysia and China. The white cement is sold to more than 70 markets worldwide whereas the grey cement is primarily sold in Denmark and Northern Europe.
    We are a leading supplier of ready-mixed concrete in the Nordic region. Production takes place at plants in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
    Aggregates - mainly granite and gravel - are quarried and sold from sites in Denmark and Sweden.


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