Aalborg Portland (Anqing) Co., Ltd., (APAQ) part of the Cementir Group, was founded in November 2004. The plant is located in Anqing, Anhui Province with easy access to high way, waterway, and railway. The Company boasts its own quarry with abundant and high quality raw material as well as utilizing the most technologically advanced equipments in its manufacturing process. APAQ is the company Quality Management Systems certified, environmental management systems certificated and occupational health and safety management systems certificated. We have a stringent production monitoring process in order to supply the local and overseas markets with the highest quality of White Cement combined with a personalized and effective customer service. APAQ has sales offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Chengdu, and sets up warehouses in Guangzhou and Chengdu.

    APAQ manufactures and distributes P.W. grade 52.5 (Aalborg White Brand), P.W. grade 42.5 (Aalborg White Brand) as well as P.W. grade 32.5  (Xianlu Brand). Our new plant started operation in December 2009 and, with its annual capacity of 800,000 MT, is Asia's largest White Cement producer.

    To enquire about our products and services, please contact us at:

    E-mail: sales@aalborgportland.com.cn

    Sales Hotline: +86 556-5368180

    APAQ is the only White Portland Cement manufacturer of P.W. Grade 52.5 in China. We are looking forward to meeting the requirement of high-end customers both in China and abroad. Our Grade 52.5 White Portland Cement complies with Chinese Standard GB/T2015-2005. The product's properties are above Chinese's standard; and we are looking forward to complying with EN197, ASTM, BS and other international standards. Our products are available for the Chinese as well as the Russia Far East, South Korea and Japan markets.

    APAQ's New Plant brings New Strengths:

    1) Energy Saving: 30% additional energy saving compared to current levels of other White Cement plants in China.

    2) Green Environmental Protection: Meets International GEP standards and it is recognized as a green building material manufacturer.

    3) Leadership: With its advanced technology, quality materials and professional management, APAQ is a leader and trend maker in the Asian market.



    86 556- 5368180