Environmental respect

    Energy is needed for making cement and Aalborg Portland is among Denmark's largest energy consumers. This entails emission of CO2. However, Aalborg Portland is continuously focused on minimising energy used in production and on reducing environmentally harmful emissions.

    Cleaner environment

    Environmental and energy improvements are always in focus. We have invested significantly for many years in reducing emission of CO2, SO2, NOx, etc.:

    Thus emission of NOx per tonne cement has decreased by 62% compared to 2006.

    A series of projects continued in 2012, resulting in considerable energy savings.

    We consistently use the best available technology, as required under EU regulations.

    Our environmental certification is based on EMAS (Eco-management and Audit Scheme), and the 2011 Environmental Report was nominated by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for the EU's EMAS Award.

    All the Group's plants in China, Malaysia and Egypt meet European energy and environmental standards, even though not governed by these tight standards.

    In September 2012, Aalborg Portland Malaysia (APM) received the Perak State Industry Appreciation Award from the Department of Environment (DOE), under the category for cement manufacturers. The criteria the auditors reviewed ranged from environmental legislation compliance, schedule waste management, effluent monitoring, waste minimization program, cleaner production initiatives, housekeeping and participation on environmental awareness activities.

    The audit results revealed that APM has better environmental management practices compared to other cement manufacturers in the state of Perak.



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